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Commercial Lawyer in Cape Town

Commercial law services

for businesses and entrepreneurs

Our commercial law experts are skilled in all aspects of business transactions and advice.

Our commercial law services include:

1. Business transactions advice and contracts

Our approach to commercial contracts is unique and personalised. To ensure the contracts we prepare and the advices we give are practical, we take the time to understand how the deal works before we reduce the terms to writing. We understand that every arrangement has its own nuances and needs to be tailored, and we do not adopt a template or cookie cutter approach.

customer contracts commercial law

2. Customer contracts

Customer contracts are those between traders and consumers, and require agreement from at least two parties. To understand your legal responsibilities when selling to consumers, you need to know how and when a contract is made. You also need to have a broad understanding of contract terms so that you can be sure they are fair to customers. This also applies to non-written contracts – for example, selling goods in a shop. A customer contract is a legally binding agreement between you and the customer concerning the sale of goods or digital content, or the supply of services (with or without goods). As commercial lawyers, we can assist with this.

3. Supplier contract

supplier contract commercial business lawyer
terms and conditions commercial business lawyer

4. Standard terms and conditions

5. Agency, distributor, reseller, partner relationships

customer contracts commercial law
customer contracts commercial law

6. Leases and property matters

7. Employment contracts

customer contracts commercial law
customer contracts commercial law

8. Independent contractor agreements

9. Consultancy agreements

customer contracts commercial law