Commercial law services

for businesses and entrepreneurs

Our commercial law experts are skilled in all aspects of business transactions and advice.

1. Business transactions advice and contracts

We provide bespoke legal advice on specific business transactions you are engaging in or contemplating. For example, preparing your business for third party investment, advising on a joint venture project, or any other type of transaction specific to your business. We’ll take the time to understand the transaction and give you practical, tailored advice.

Business transactions advice and contracts
customer contracts commercial law

2. Customer contracts

We will advise you on customer contracts – providing advice and either drafting the required contracts or reviewing the customer’s terms. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and ability to turn around document reviews quickly and thoroughly so as to keep the momentum going. We pay attention to clauses such as indemnities, warranties and limitations of liability to ensure you are protected.

3. Supplier contracts

We find that clients pay a lot of attention to their customer contracts and less to their supplier contracts. These can be just as important and affect your bottom line. We review supplier terms within the parameters of your business requirements, and build an understanding of a uniform approach to how you engage suppliers. We review supplier terms or draft template supplier contracts for you to use including master services agreements and statements of work.

supplier contract commercial business lawyer
terms and conditions commercial business lawyer

4. Standard terms and conditions

We regularly draft standard terms and conditions for our clients specific to their business requirements. These include, for example, standard terms and conditions of service for engaging customers, shrinkwrap license agreements for use on your website, website terms and conditions of use, privacy and cookie policies, master services agreements, or standard terms and conditions for your suppliers.

5. Agency, distributor, reseller, partner relationships

A business will sometimes enter into relationships with third parties that are not the straightforward customer or supplier type. You might want to engage with a partner to sell your products or services as part of their own offering, or engage a distributor or agent to market your services in a separate country. We will advise you on the manner of engagement and draft the required contracts, making sure that we protect your own business at the same time.

Business transactions advice and contracts
commercial lawyer leases and property

6. Leases and property matters

When our clients decide to change their office spaces, for example moving out or downsizing for COVID-19 reasons, or renting office spaces in other cities because they are growing, they engage us to review the terms of their leases and give them practical legal as well as general commercial advice.

7. Employment contracts & employee policies

We draft or review employment contracts for our clients to engage their employees, no matter the type or seniority of employee or the industry sector you are working in. We ensure that your business is protected in line with the applicable labour law. We can draft the internal policies for your staff – for example, staff handbooks, health and safety policies, security policies or expense policies – depending on your business’s needs. We also draft contracts for atypical workers such as part time employees.

commercial lawyer employment contracts
Commercial lawyer independent contractor agreements

8. Independent contractor agreements

In addition to employment contracts we draft or review contracts for engaging individuals that are not employees such as independent contractors. We ensure that your rights are protected, the individual cannot be determined to be an employee, and bear in mind your business requirements.

9. Consultancy agreements

Our clients sometimes engage individuals or businesses to provide consulting services, or they act as consultants and engage with their own customers. For example, a web-based client might engage a consultant to review and advise on the software development of their platform. We are experienced in drafting or reviewing these contracts depending on the relationship at hand.

commercial lawyer consultancy agreement