Technology law services

for businesses and entrepreneurs

Our technology and innovation services include

1. License agreements

Businesses that license technology or content to customers or end users need contracts in place that give the necessary protections, ensuring protection of assets. We help our clients by drafting template customer contracts and reviewing contracts supplied by their customers that fall outside of the standard.

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2. SaaS agreements

For providers that remotely host, manage, and support software applications for customers over the internet or a private network. We draft standardised SaaS agreements for customers that suit our clients’ businesses. We also review and advise on supplier SaaS agreements for SaaS services.

3. Software development agreements

For software developers that provide bespoke software services to customers or mixed services that include elements of licensing and bespoke software services. We ensure that our clients retain ownership of their pre-existing intellectual property and grant the necessary licenses or other rights to their customers in the software being developed.

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4. Service level agreements

SLAs between customers and service providers record a common understanding about services, priorities, responsibilities, guarantees and warranties. We are expert at drafting and reviewing SLAs from both the customer and supplier perspective.

5. Outsourcing agreements

We advise on outsourcing transactions and draft outsourcing agreements for customers and suppliers, including all necessary protections and requirements.

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6. Global data protection and transfer compliance and policies (GDPR, POPI)

Data privacy is a critical and growing concern, necessitating compliance with local (POPI) and international legislation (GDPR). We advise our clients on requirements depending on the nature of their businesses and provide the necessary documents and compliance processes.

7. Data processing agreements

In line with data privacy requirements, we draft and review data processing agreements for our clients from the perspective of both the controller or the processor of personal data.

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8. Website terms and conditions

Whether our clients are online-only or simply include online services as part of their offering, we draft website terms and conditionsthat are tailored to suit the online presence, products and services. We align these with the other necessary documents such as privacy and cookie policies.

9. Privacy policies and cookie policies

We draft and review privacy and cookie policies to suit our clients’ businesses. This might be a customer facing policy that is located on a client’s website, or an internal facing privacy policy that covers the collection and processing of employee personal data. We will review the business and advise on what is required.

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Commercial lawyer independent contractor agreements

10. Independent contractor agreements

Some of our clients employ the services of independent contractors to provide services for their businesses. We provide them with standard independent contractor agreements that suit their businesses and internal processes.

11. Consultancy agreements

As well as employing the services of independent contractors, some of our clients employ the services of consultants or even provide consultancy services themselves. We provide and review the necessary consultancy agreements.

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