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Terms and conditions

We regularly develop and update terms and conditions for our clients, covering all of the current legal requirements.

These may be general terms and conditions of sale for our clients to use in their sales, where they are physically or digitally providing copies that are then signed prior to delivery of products or services.

Or they may be website terms and conditions, governing the use of our clients’ websites and/or sale of products and services via their websites. Whether you are online-only or simply include online services as part of your offering, we draft website terms and conditions that are tailored to suit your online presence and the products and services of your business.

We align the terms and conditions as necessary with the other documents that are required by law or provided by you, for example your existing privacy policy, cookie policy or credit application documents.

The terms and conditions are drafted to suit your busines and describe how the mechanics of your transactions work (for the sale of the products and services), cover all of the legal requirements and limit your risk and exposure.

We draft terms and conditions that comply with the laws of the jurisdiction within which your business is based so that they can be used locally.

    We also draft terms and conditions that can be used internationally, across all jurisdictions, whether in the EU, US or otherwise, complying with applicable local and international laws.

    We will advise you on other legal requirements as we draft your terms and conditions. For example, we will advise you if you require a data processing agreement, privacy policy or cookies policy to comply with the requirements of POPI, the GDPR or other applicable personal data legislation. We can then develop these for you or update your existing versions.

    Our technology law services include

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