Media law services

for businesses and entrepreneurs

Our media law and entertainment law services include internet, social media, multimedia, film, television and telecommunications. Our strategic advice spans all aspects of intellectual property rights, ensuring continued protection and commercialisation.

1. Intellectual property ownership

We are expert in ensuring that our clients’ IP is protected and capable of being appropriately commercialised, particularly with respect to copyright law and licensing in our clients’ contracts.

2. Internet and social media

Our internet and social media services include drafting and reviewing agreements for website development, content licensing, end user licensing, terms of use, mobile applications, as well as social media policies, brand ambassador agreements and all manner of other typical documents.

3. Film and television

Our film and television services include preparing and advising on production agreements, co-productions, distribution agreements, option agreements, talent agreements, chain of title opinions and general intellectual property issues.

4. Multimedia

Includes production content and information technology matters that do not fall into a neat category, such as video game production.

5. Telecoms

We advise on telecommunications matters and draft the necessary documents, including those related to data security, data resilience, connectivity, roaming, and consumer protection.